The Appian Way (Via Appia)

The Appian Way (Via Appia)
The tour in a nutshell
Duration 3 hours
Distance 15 km
Level Average
Maximum climb/descent 60 metres
Includes Guide, bicycle, helmet (if you want), insurance
Price Euro 37,50 per person
Departure Every day at 3pm
Language English, Dutch (other languages on request: German/French/Spanish/Italian)
Meeting point Via Cavour 302 (Underground B, Colosseo station)
Small children Not recommended
Children on bikes Accepted from age 12 and up.
They must be able to ride in crowded streets with uneven road surfaces. Their parents are responsible for them and the children pay full price.
What you will see
  • Il Colosseo
  • I bagni termali di Traiano
  • Le leggende della Domus Aurea
  • Il colle del Celio con le sue strutture nascoste
  • Il tratto urbano dell'Appia Antica alla porta di S.Sebastiano
  • Le mura imperiali
  • Il territorio vaticano delle Catacombe
  • Il mausoleo di Romolo
  • Il Circo di Massenzio
  • I resti dell'Acquedotto
  • Il Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella e le sue strutture
  • Il pavimento originale
  • Tombe come torri e templi
  • Il parco di Caffarella
  • Il Ninfeo di Egeria
  • Il tempio di Anna Regilla
  • I bagni termali di Caracalla
How it works
  • You have to book at least 24 hours before the start of the tour.
  • You can cancel the booking up to 48 hours before the start date of the tour; if you respect this condition, the amount you have already paid shall be reimbursed.
  • The tour will go ahead when a minimum of 2 people have signed up; in the event that the minimum threshold is not reached, the amount you have paid shall be reimbursed.
  • The tours are offered in English and Dutch; you can request a guide in another language by writing to
  • The tour is guaranteed to go ahead even in the event of bad weather. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.
A veritable trip back through time.
From the Colosseum, we will ride past the monumental remains of the most impressive thermal baths of the ancient world, passing through the most famous gate in the Imperial walls.
On the Appian Way, we'll head towards the Roman aqueducts, amid the remains of temples, tombs, towers, bas-reliefs, poppies and cypresses, then we'll enter Caffarella Park, a strip of almost untainted land, rich in history and legend.

Today, the Appian Way is an exceptionally valuable archaeological hotspot, and is very much part of a plan to create the world's largest open-air museum, thanks to a projected link-up with the Roman Forum. The current parkland covers 17 km2 and reaches the edge of the modern city, near the volcanic lakes concealed by the Alban Hills.

This tour offers an extraordinary mix of nature and culture. The route is not difficult, but it does include several sections on dirt tracks, some pretty adventurous landscapes and a couple of climbs; it also involves having to negotiate the uneven surface of the original roadway. For these reasons, it is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

If you want to venture yet further and visit the catacombs, the Villa of the Quintili or the Museo delle Mura (Museum of the Walls), contact us to organise a private tour: we’ll be delighted to design it around you requirements.
If you want to organise a tour with a customised itinerary, write to
We can organise a private tour with a guide in your language, using your preferred means of transport, including vintage Vespas or cars.