Rules of use for bikes
BICI&BACI s.r.l. is willing to rent the above vehicle at the agreed price and under the following conditions:
  • The bike is to be handled with care, for transport or leisure, respecting local laws.
  • Races and dangerous acts, as well as any wild or boastful behavior are strictly forbidden.
  • The user must respect both civil and traffic laws, which he declares to know well.
  • Since riding a bike involves physical fitness, when hiring the vehicle, the user unconditionally acknowledges his/her own skills and adequate training.
  • The driver will be charged for any damage caused while riding or using the bicycle.
  • The driver is liable for any injury caused while riding or using the bicycle.
  • The custody and the efficiency of the rented bike are responsibility of the user.
  • In case of sudden breakdown nothing can be held against the hirer; it’s responsibility of the user to check the bike in every function at the moment of its delivery.
  • If the bike would be stolen or report irrecoverably damages, the indemnity to be paid by the user amounts to 200,00 Euros.
  • In case a major breakdown the user have to pay the damage to the hirer, in case of objection the damage would be valued by an authorized dealer chosen by the hirer.
Rules of use for scooter
BICI&BACI s.r.l. is willing to rent the above vehicle at the agreed price and under the following conditions:
  • Renting party must be aged 18 and over and have a valid driving licence.
  • Vehicle must only be conducted by the renting party, as such party is the only person responsible for any civil or penal breaches to the Highway Code.
  • Vehicle must be returned on the day indicated in the Agreement; failure to return vehicles shall be considered theft (art. 646 of Italian Code of Penal Law).
  • Renting party is obliged to pay any fines received during rental period and to repay rental company any costs incurred, including administration, legal and postal costs (Euros 20.00 + VAT per fine); for this purpose, renting party hereby authorizes rental company to withdraw any amount required to cover fines arriving subsequently from his/her credit card.
  • Overall rental cost excludes: fuel, parking, fines, towing in the event of an accident or by the Authorities and damages caused to vehicle.
  • In the event of damages to third parties (persons and things), insurance covers up to the amount of 3 million Euros (with excess of € 260.00 + VAT).
  • Renting party is obliged to view the general condition of the vehicle prior to pick-up.
  • Vehicle shall be returned to the place from which it was picked up.
  • Renting party declares that he/she can drive the vehicle in question and is aware of the Italian Highway Code.
  • Vehicle has a theft-proof lock and padlock and chain. In the event of theft, renting party shall pay forfeit the amount left as deposit.