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settembre 2012
Jakob & Jistyna
"Just married"
settembre 2012
Mr. Benno
Hello, Claudio! I am getting back to you to thank you so much for the wonderful Calessino tour that we had, my wife and I. We were so pleased to meet you. Thank you also for the great photo show! We had a lot of fun with you! Our guide Michele is a charming person who understood instantly that we had been to Rome before, so he showed us more things off the beaten tracks. We discovered several new sides of Rome that we did not know existed. When we asked questions, we found that he is very knowledgeable about all the background history of Rome. We followed his recommendations to visit the Ghetto where we spent a super evening, and his favourite restaurant in Trastevere is a real gem, so typically Roman and natural (he gave us the address). We will certainly not forget this wonderful Calessino tour. I can only recommend that tourists to Rome book this private tour. It is certainly worth its money- and more. Please give our best greetings and thanks to Michele. And thanks again to you personally. With our best wishes Benno and Gundega
settembre 2012
Very nice people taking our Vespa & FIAT 500 Tours!!
agosto 2012
94 French people taking our Bike Tour!
agosto 2012
Michelle Houchingen
Michelle Houchinges and her friends
agosto 2012
Hida Takahiro & Yasu Megumi
Famous Japanese actors. Honeymoon with our Vespa as "Roman Holiday"
South Africa
luglio 2012
Lisa + Reinhard
Hi There, My boyfriend and I was on holiday in Rome, and we did your "secret Rome" tour. It was absolutely one of our highlights, and our tour guide Michello was fantastic!! We got to see all the sights of Rome in a short amount of time that would otherwise have been impossible, and we had the added pleasure of doing it on Vespas! We had so much fun! We just wanted to thank Michello for all the insightfull information that he gave us, for giving us the time of our life, and for making the experience something that we will never forget. Kind Regards Lisa + Reinhard Cape Town South
luglio 2012
BlackGirlTravel BELLA ITALIA 2012
“Huge thanks to Bici and Baci for the roses and the champagne stop, it was PERFECT and the best year ever for the Vespa tour.” Fleace Weaver
luglio 2012
MotoTours de Argentina
Hola Amigos de Bici & Baci Gracias por darnos la bella oportunidad de recorrer la hermosa Roma, en una legendaria Vespa, fue un momento mágico. Junto a mi esposa, recorrimos las calles y vimos una ciudad diferente. Gracias a todos, Abrazo Ariel Giaccaglia Gran Dia en Roma !!!!, perdidos en sus calles y en una maravillosa Vespa de Bici & Baci !!! Saludos desde San Juan, Argentina !!!!!
luglio 2012
Famous directors
Jonathan Nossiter, Santiago Amigorena and Laurent Cantet


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