Rome on
2 wheels
Come and see us at the Bici&Baci stores and discover a new way to visit Rome!
Our teams are ready, willing and able to help you out!

We'll advise you on the most suitable two-wheelers to meet your needs, we'll make proposals about what to visit on the basis of your preferences and we can also help you to select one of the tours we organise.

At our stores you'll also find original Vespa merchandise and the exclusive Bici&Baci t-shirts, designed for those who love Rome just as much as they love…Vespas!
Bici&Baci stores in Rome
Via del Viminale, 5 repubblica +39 06 48 28 443
Via Cavour, 302 colosseo +39 06 94 53 92 40
+39 06 94 53 87 13
Vicolo del Bottino, 8 spagna +39 06 67 86 788
Via Rosmini, 25 termini +39 06 48 14 064
Dal lunedì al sabato
  • Rental of bicycles, Vespas and motor scooters
  • Tour on bicycles
  • Tours on motor scooters with or without a rider
  • Vintage tours on vintage Vespas and motor scooters (only available with a rider)
  • Private tours
  • Rental of vintage Vespas, Fiat 500s and Piaggio Ape cabriolets, complete with rider/driver, for events or weddings
  • Expert riders/drivers – all authentic Romans and great fun to spend time with!
  • Guides in English, Italian, French, Dutch, German and Spanish
  • Photography service with copies of the best shots taken on the day
  • Helmet and hygienic helmet liner
  • Original Vespa and Bici&Baci merchandise
  • The Vespa Museum Space is free to visit and contains an array of vintage Vespas (dating from 1946 to 1980), alongside myriad photos, videos, books and original merchandise.
At our stores you will find the exclusive Bici&Baci t-shirts!

Our t-shirts, designed for those who love Rome and Vespas in equal measure, are available in various colours. Treat yourself to a souvenir of your two-wheeled Roman adventure!

And at our store in Via Cavour you will also find original Vespa merchandise!


We are real Vespa obsessives!

In our store at No. 302, Via Cavour, we have created the first Vespa Museum Space in Italy:

come visit us - entry is free!
You will find authentic vintage Vespas on show, dating from the period 1946 - 1980, as well as photos, videos, books and original merchandise.