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Are you a travel agent looking for a reliable partner in Rome?

If you're thinking about organising bicycle or scooter tours around the city to allow your customers to appreciate the true beauty of the city, we can supply you with all the two-wheeled transport you need.

In addition, we also organise both in Rome and in other Italian cities fascinating Vintage tours on Vespas and in vintage cars.
These tours give you a truly unique experience: a voyage of discovery through the Eternal City, accompanied by an expert rider on the scooter that symbolises La Dolce Vita or by an expert driver on board a delightful Fiat 500.

For motorcycle aficionados, we can organise free, guided tours of the Vespa Museum Space at the Bici & Baci store in Via Cavour (at No. 302, to be precise).

The itinerary can be designed around you.

If you want to offer your clients an unforgettable us!
Antonella Minunzio
Lubomir Lejcko

our services

  • Rental bicycle and scooter
  • Rental of vintage Vespas, Fiat 500 and Ape Calessino for special events or weddings with driver
  • Tour in bicicletta o scooter
  • Tours on vintage Vespas, scooters and Fiat 500
  • Expert riders/drivers - you relax in the passenger seat!
  • Guides who speak English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish
  • Classic and custom itineraries
  • Photographic service with digital photos of the most memorable parts of the tour
  • You choose the departure time and the duration of the vintage
  • You choose the departure and arrival points
  • Helmet and hygienic liner supplied