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Rome on 2 wheels

A city that is utterly unique in terms of its history and traditions, awash with ancient ruins, churches, monuments and world-class art collections, Rome is visited every year by millions of tourists and travellers of all types. It is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and certainly among the most beloved, photographed, filmed and visited of all. But Rome is, above all, a city for living, offering great food, excellent wines, shopping for every budget...and, of course, unforgettable sunsets on your very own Roman Holiday.

There are myriad things to see, both in the centre and further afield, and it's worth remembering that Rome is a large-scale city. What's the best way to get around, seeing the greatest number of sites and stopping for a break when you find the right place for a photo or when you just want a delicious gelato?

Bicycles and scooters are the best way to visit Rome at your own pace, discovering its hidden corners, way off the tracks beaten by most tourists.
Bici & Baci specialises in the rental of two-wheeled transport: at our stores, you will find a wealth of bicycles, Vespas and scooters with various engine sizes, and you can sign up for a tour organised by people who love Rome and who know it like the back of their hand.

Book your biking holiday now! You're sure to enjoy this unique, unforgettable experience.

what our tours are all about

We organise bicycle tours and motor scooter tours, and – on request – we can also set up private tours and Vintage Tours, on vintage Vespas and in Fiat 500s and Piaggio Ape cabriolets.
Our guides will take you on a voyage of discovery that will let you in on the real atmosphere of Rome.


the stores

Via del Viminale, 5
00185 ROMA

open from 8am until 7pm
+39 06 48 28 443
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Via Cavour, 302
00184 ROMA

open from 8am until 7pm
+39 06 94 53 92 40
+39 06 94 53 87 13


Vicolo del Bottino, 8
00187 ROMA

open from 8am until 7pm
+39 06 67 86 788